Vegan Sofritas Recipe

Here’s a super easy VEGAN sofritas recipe! All you need is 4 ingredients all which you can buy at Trader Joe’s!

  1.  Soy Chorizo
  2. Organic Tofu
  3. Mélange á Trois bell peppers
  4.  Coconut Oil.


    1.put heat on HIGH
    2. Spray pan with coconut oil
    3. Place Tofu in pan & break down.
    4. Mix in soy chorizo. (this one has a ton of flavor so no seasoning needed!)
    5. Mix in bell peppers to your liking. (I only put in half of the bag)

Keep mixing for 15-18 min. I like to eat mine in a Ezekiel wrap (microwaved for 20sec for tenderness) but you can eat this mix as a bowl also! Put in brown rice, beans, avocado & lettuce for a delicious treat! ENJOY!!!

Let me know if you try this recipe, or comment down below what else you’d like to see!


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