How To Lose Fear of Taking Photos In Public

It is said that three of the most common fears are heights, public speaking and the fear of flying. I think one of the newest top millennial fear to be added to that list is the fear of taking photos in public. Unfortunately, that can get in the way of a lot of great content being created. So to keep the magic coming, one must fight this fear. In this post I will share with you multiple ways you can push past that fear to bring beautiful photos to life!

Play Pretend

One of the easiest ways to combat this fear is to simply pretend you’re a tourist! When you’re foreign to a new place you want to take it in as much as you can and share it with as many people as possible so naturally, taking a picture is the best to do that. So make the moment last, and snap away.. who cares if people stare you down! Pretend you’re a tourist in your own city and have fun with it! Pretend you’re Naomi Campbell doing a photoshoot, or pretend you’re the newest hottest blogger on Instagram! Let your imagination run wild!


Affirmations are simply thoughts you keep thinking. So maybe at the moment you keep affirming to yourself “gees all these people are looking at me” replace that thought with “I am confident, and confidence is going to radiate through this picture” another good one is “I do not concern myself with the opinions of others”. We are all going to naturally think negative thoughts and that’s okay, it’s all about catching them and dismissing them with a positive one.

Find inspiration.

Think of a good actor, model, singer, anyone who you admire…then imitate how you think they would carry themselves in a photoshoot. For example, Beyoncé is one of my biggest inspirations, I think she carries herself with such poise and confidence in all situations so I try to bring my inner Beyoncé out when ever I need to. Think of who’s confidence you admire and imitate them…


Being around friends who know sides of you that you aren’t comfortable sharing with others can be helpful when you are taking pictures in public. Hand them the camera and focus solely on them and not on anyone else. Express your light through your photos and let the world see your shine!


I hope you found this blog post helpful, let me know if you did. Or simply share other ways not mentioned here how you got over the fear of taking pictures in public.


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