How To Blog On A Budget

There is no excuses as to why you can’t be running your blog at this very moment. When people hear the word “blogger” they think of lavish vacations, Chanel purses, and Celine glasses. With this picture in mind, it can be a bit discouraging for people to begin blogging when they feel like they don’t have the resources to start. So in this post I will share how you can overcome four of the major obstacles while blogging on a budget. Read on…

No expensive camera.

A good camera can be pretty pricey. If putting it on credit or buying it second hand are not in your options, and neither is an iPhone (which can take great pictures too) then I suggest to do three things.

  1. Research local photography meet ups in your area. Yes, there is such a thing. Just recently I found Photo Street Meet  (through Meet Up) a meet up group for photographers, instagrammers, and overall photo enthusiasts where they meet and take pictures. This can be a great way to network and meet photographers, you’ll never know if any are looking to expand their portfolio in exchange of taking pictures of you. You just have to put yourself out there and ask!  Tip: If theres not a group in your area, don’t be afraid to start your own.
  2. Look into photography students at fashion schools. Fashion schools around your area may have photography classes were the students are eager to practice their photography skills. This is when you come in, by providing them the opportunity to practice their art, while you are also getting content.
  3. Research hashtags for bloggers in your area to colab with. You can find bloggers in your area through Instagram researching your location, or hashtags like:
    You can always create virtual friends through Instagram, if the friendship flourishes organically don’t be afraid to ask if they’d be interested in collabing. This just translates into you two going out for fun and taking pictures of each other. The best “work” is when it doesn’t feel like it!

No “trendy” clothes.

One of  the fastest way to exposure is brands reposting your pictures with their products. I can understand when you’re just starting out and don’t have enough following to request free products buying the products yourself can get pricey.  However, you don’t want to be a repeat offender so I suggest doing the following when buying new clothing is not within your budget.

  1. Find stores with good return policies. Hey, this is a judgment free zone! Sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it. So find stores with good return policies and keep the shoes, clothing, etc. in GREAT condition (don’t use perfume*)…shoot it, and return it. Shh, no one will ever know.
  2. Thrift shop. If you take notice, all fashion trends are bound to repeat themselves in one way or another. So you can do your homework and stay ahead of coming trends and go thrift shopping! I say “ahead” of coming trends because you’ll most likely find more “old school”  rather than in the moment clothing. However, if you have the patience to look cautiously…you’re bound to find something close to what you were looking for. I go with outfits pinned on pinterest so most of the time I find funky fits I can match with other pieces I already have at home.
  3. Borrow from friends! Don’t be that friend that holds friends clothes hostage. Not only is this annoying but it can build a dent in your friendships (and reputation). So be clear to your friend about your goals as a blogger, and set a date of when you’ll return the item.

No eating out.

You see bloggers eating out all the time, and this can make some people feel like they must too. However, you don’t need to eat out all the time to seem interesting.  So what do you do when you can’t afford to eat out all of the time?

  1. Take “eating out” literally. Hey you can still take cute pictures out in front of food trucks, and picnics! It’s all about thinking outside of the box.
  2. Work on your food photography, and post recipes of things you made at home.


No lavish vacations.

We would all like to be laying out in a foreign beach, and feature exotic locations that few ever visit. However, when you factor in the price of a plane ticket, hotel prices, food, etc. what other options do you have when exotic vacations aren’t in reach? Easy, be a tourist in your own city! Regardless of where you live, I truly believe you have something amazing to show all of us! So research events going on in your city through local blogs, or news outlets.. you can also look through Instagram’s  location tab, or through your cities hashtags.


I hope that you found this helpful. If so, let me know in the comment sections. Like or share.


2 thoughts on “How To Blog On A Budget

  1. Yes! Needed to hear this! I forget sometimes the sacrifices we need to make to be bloggers!


    1. Yay! I felt like it needed to be said, so I’m happy to hear this was helpful for you 🙂

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