10 Annoying Things Vegans Hear

  1. “How do you get your protein?”

    Its like nobody cares about your protein intake until you tell them you’re Vegan. Suddenly they turn into a nutritionist, when truth be told hardly do THEY account for their daily needed supplement of vitamins and protein. Thats the beauty of becoming vegan, that you become well informed of what you are putting into your body.

  2. “I’d go vegan, but I love cheese too much”


  3.   “But animals will overpopulate if we don’t eat them”

  4. “Is it hard being Vegan?”

    “Being Vegan doesn’t take willpower, it just take a willingness to choose compassion over convenience” – Colleen Patric-Goudreau. I keep this quote on my fridge to consistently remind me of just how easy it is to be a Vegan. Truth be told, sometimes you won’t have vegan options, it might take extra time out of your day to check the ingredients on a label, you might have to deal with people asking you all of these ignorant questions, some may judge you as an outcast, and others may simply choose to not associate themselves with you for being Vegan. Regardless of all of these sad truths, its NOT hard when you believe deeply in a cause that stands for love and equality for all… choosing compassion doesn’t take much willpower.

  5. *People explaining to you why they can’t go vegan*

    In your head you are rolling your eyes so hard, and wonder off into another reality.

  6. “Why are you Vegan?”

    When asked this you’ll more than likely begin to ask a ton of questions in your head like, “Do they really care?”, “Is this someone I can turn Vegan?”, “Should I begin to spit out all of the facts?”, “Should I bother?”. After all, I don’t think they grasp just how loaded this question is, yet the best advice I have read on how to respond was said by plant-based dietitian Julieanna Never, RD “The best way to minimize conflict is to emphasize that you are going vegan for your own reasons and that it seems to work for you. In other words, make it about you, so nobody feels they need to defend their choices.” I have found this to be extremely true, when you answer simply such as “I wanted to try out being Vegan and see what it did to my body, and I feel amazing!” they’ll usually back off and move on.

  7. “That looks so real”

    Non-vegans get grossed out when “fake” chicken looks and tastes like chicken yet not grossed out by the fact that they are eating a once living creature…it makes absolutely no sense.

  8. “You eat egg right?”

    No, ignorance is not bliss.

  9. “Meat eating is the way its always been”

    Humans, like any other living thing have always been a work in progress. So for someone to suggest that because our “ancestors” ate meat as a way to survive sounds absurd, I thought we were supposed to be moving forward as a society not backwards? Also, many people believe that our ancestors exclusively ate meat when science has in fact proven this to be false.

  10. “Bacon”



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