How To Keep Your Fitness Journey Going Strong!



Asking yourself why you are beginning your fitness journey is crucial to keeping you motivated. It’s important to be honest and to list the many reasons why reaching your goal is important.  When you want to push yourself harder but can’t find the motivation to do so you’ll be able to look at why you started in the first place and remind yourself that the fight isn’t over yet.

Progress Pictures

Theres nothing better than progress pictures to keep yourself accountable for your progress. Please do yourself a favor and stay away from the scale. There is nothing worse than letting a number define you, you’re already an absolute 10 and you can’t lose sight of that. If you haven’t heard a million other people say it, i’ll let you know that muscle mass can weigh the same as fat but look completely different.59b1059772d5b01f091c4f1c54b31887

So those are just a few of many reasons to not use the scale! Rather take progress pictures with the same outfit and pose on the same date every month. (Be mindful of your monthly pose and don’t cheat yourself, such as sucking it in or taking your picture in the morning before eating breakfast.) This way you can visually see the changes that your body has gone through and you can  hold yourself accountable. Sometimes it’ll seem like you haven’t gone through any changes and maybe like me you’ll be mad ass hell and get motivated to hit the gym harder, but please don’t give up. Huge changes don’t happen overnight, a lot of patience is required to reach your fitness goals! The fat in your body didn’t get there overnight, it was daily choices that you made and habits that were created throughout years…therefore, you have to realize that you will have to make new daily choices (turning down dessert, drinking more water, eating less candy, donuts, etc.) that will create NEW life long habits, in the end you’ll be living a new healthy lifestyle.

Rep Journal

A rep journal helps you keep track of your progress in sets and in weights. One helpful tip for your journal is to keep your journaling short. The main goal of journaling is to focus on improving your workouts, so a lot of your time shouldn’t be spent trying to record them. You can carry a small palm sized notebook, or just write out your workout on your phones notes.

New Equipment

There are a ton of equipment to buy in order to challenge and improve your workouts that perhaps your gym doesn’t have. Some equipment that has made a huge impact on my workouts are ankle cuffs, resistance bands, and wrist straps. image-3250_6Ankle cuffs are good for leg exercises and for targeting the glutes.resistance-band-2 Resistance bands are good for targeting specific muscles groups, for example, putting the resistance band around your thighs just above your knee will make all of the weight be distributed to your glutes as you are squatting down. oly-strap-2_1Wrist straps are to help you pull weight with your desired muscle rather than with your hands. Ever since I started using these wrist straps I noticed a considerable difference between not using them (and realized just how much I use my hands to pull) vs when I use the straps I engage my muscle group so much more.

Make Gym Friends

I know making friends at the gym is a bit hard not to mention awkward. Going to group classes can be a good way to meet new people, you can find these classes at your gym, through your local newspaper, local blogs, yelp, or eventbrite. In these classes the mood is usually positive and interactive so its a great way to meet friendly and active people. Having a buddy to workout with can be a huge blessing especially in the days when you don’t feel like going to workout. They’ll keep you moving and challenged!


In conclusion, the most critical ingredient to this journey is a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. This journey will not be short, but it should be fun and challenging. You’ll definitely need a positive attitude, and in the end you’ll realize that your body won’t go where the mind won’t take it. So take it to wonderful new places, and never give up on the idea that everyday you can be a better you if you decide to be! Never give up on yourself.


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