Break A Sweat, Not The Bank.. In Style!

I used to be the girl who would go to the gym and judge the girls who would match their entire outfit as I rocked an ugly event t-shirt and cheap black leggings. It wasn’t until I became a “gym rat” that I realized it’s not so much about how much you spend on your outfit, but the quality of material you wear that makes all the difference on longevity, style, and comfort. In this post I will show you my favorite outfits to sport at the gym, where I got them from, and what specific athletic activity they are best suited for. Hope you enjoy these looks, and don’t forget to like, comment, or follow this blog for future looks and posts! img_8632arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397Socks: Reebok (bought at Reebok outlet)
Sports Bra: Victoria’s Secret (bought at a VS sale)
Shorts: Aeropostale (bought at outlet mall)
Shoes: Lola Shoetique (bought at Santee Alley)
Activity: Upper body workouts
Tip: If you are uncomfortable having your midsection exposed you can always add a sweater or loose top to this outfit. Also the reason why this outfit is recommended for upper body workout is because the shorts are not squat test approved. They rise too high up, when purchasing athletic shorts always do a squat test to make sure that you are comfortable with how they perform. There’s nothing wrong with doing leg day with shorts, as also seeing your muscles at work can be motivating. However, I know I’ve done squat tests in the dressing room and had I not I would have never noticed that they were see through, rose up too high, or were just completely unbearable on the inside of my leg.

arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397Shoes: Sketchers (bought at Ross)
Bra: Old Navy
Shorts: Wal-Mart
Activity: Cardio
Tip: This outfit is perfect for a long run, as the shorts are not tight and the shoes have a bounce to them that make you feel as though you aren’t putting much pressure on your feet.
img_8635arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397Hat: Nike (bought at Ross)
Shoes: Nike (bought at Nike Outlet)
Shirt: (bought at Fallas Paredes)
Leggings: No brand. (bought at a Thrift Shop)
Activity: Leg day
Tip: Leggings like these really showcase the legs but can also show your underwear line. In this case its best to wear no show underwear or thongs.
img_8633arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397Shirt: Old Navy
Leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Puma (bought at Ross)
Activity: Upper body
Tip: In this outfit the shirt is way too long so I tie it in the back with a scrunchie and then tuck the remainder under.
img_8644arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397Shirt: Fila (bought at TJ Maxx)
Shoes: Lola Shoetique
Leggings: No brand. (bought at a thrift shop)
Activity: Versatile
Tip: With this outfit you can workout out either upper body or lower body. However, cardio in these shoes is not advised as they are more for finishing the look but perfect for static movements not to mention perfect for leg day as they are flat planted on the floor.
img_8643arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397Shoes: Lola Shoetique
Shirt: Fila (bought at TJ Maxx)
Shorts: Aeropostale (bought at outlet mall)
Activity: Upper body
Tip: This outfit showcases the upper body muscles great to focus on what you are doing and which muscles you are contracting. Remember to make mind-body connection.
img_8640arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397Hat: Nike (bought at Ross)
Shoes: Nike (bought at Nike outlet store)
Sports Bra: Victoria Secret (bought at Thrift Shop)
Shorts: Aeropostale (bought at outlet mall)
Activity: Upper body
Tip: This is a great outfit to workout arms or chest muscles. If you are uncomfortable showcasing your midsection then feel free to wear a loose top or a light sweater on top of this.

IMG_8593.JPGarrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397Leggings: (bought at Ross)
Sweater: (bought at Thrift Shop)
Sports Bra: Danskin (bought at Wal-mart)
Shoes: Nike  (bought at Nike outlet store)
Activity: Versatile
Tip: This is a versatile outfit ready for any activity!
img_8638arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397Sweater: Under Armour (bought at Thrift Shop)
Sports Bra: Victoria’s Secret (blue) Danskin (black)
Leggings: (bought at Tj Maxx)
Shoes: Nike (bought at Nike outlet)
Activity: Versatile
Tip: Good black strong material leggings are crucial, as you can always mix and match them with different tops and wild colors.


It is important that you are staying hydrated not only through out the day but also during your workout session. Carrying around a water bottle is a must and you can choose either of three options. To the left you see a water bottle with a clip on the handle that allows you to clip your bottle onto gym bags or other accessories if you wish so that you do not lose track of it, in the bottom  you can place fruit to make drinking water a bit more enjoyable. For example, you can do a Strawberry Mint water. In the bottom place fresh cut strawberries with washed mint leaves. strawberry-mint-water-flavored-water-recipesPhoto: Kylie Chevalier; Recipe: Ally. You can find more recipes here.
In the middle is a gallon of water in case that you would like to keep track of how much water you are drinking throughout the day. This option is great for visual people, so that they can physically see their goal of drinking water, however if you are better at breaking down big goals into smaller portions then option number three is best for you. To the farther right you have a simple 32 oz Pogo water bottle that you can refill through out the day.

img_8636arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397Here from left to right you have Skull headphones that I got for about $8 at Ross, these are great to wear if your outfit is super busy with other details. In the middle are the gold Beats Solo Wireless by Dre headphones, these I like to wear with plain colors and when I am in much need of motivation. The sound quality is awesomely smooth, and they do a great job at blocking surrounding noises. However, I will mention that if you are a heavy sweater you will have to consistently wipe the ear pads as they can slide out. Lastly, to the far right you’ll see the apple headphones which have great sound quality and are easy to keep track of. img_8637arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397Good sports bras are an absolute must! In this picture you’ll find a mixture of sports bras from Victoria Secret, Forever 21, Adidas, Old Navy, and Wal-Mart. This is how I rank them:

  1. Adidas. By far Adidas are the best, they are flexible yet hold everything in place. Their quality obviously reflects on their price as they can range between $20-$60. My secret is going to an Adidas Outlet and there you will usually always find many great ones at discounted prices.
  2. Victoria’s Secret ‘s Sports bras are super tight and comfortable, most will have beautiful color patterns and back designs. These I will advice to get during a great sale as they can be a bit expensive at regular price. (Ranging from $15-$30)
  3. Old Navy  never fails to give me a good deal! Perhaps this is the last place you would look for your gym attire but their quality of sports bras and other active gear is great and affordable!
  4. Forever 21 I am no longer 21 but that doesn’t stop be from checking out their cute gym gear! However, I have noticed that I get overwhelmed by all of their colorful and cute displays and end up buying clothing that when I try on at home don’t look so appealing as they did at the store. Don’t you hate it when that happens? So when you do try on their clothing jump, bend over, do a squat test if you’re buying leggings….do whatever you have to do to make sure you are comfortable!
  5. Wal-Mart sports bras get the job done at an affordable price.



While I’ve provided the links to the brands of where the clothing are from, truth be told majority of my sports clothes come from brand outlets, Fallas Paredes, TJ MaxxRoss, or Marshall’s. Looking through these stores will take a little bit more of an effort to find something, but you’ll always come out with a great deal. Below are the pros and cons of each one:

Falles Paredes

Cons: They have no dressing rooms. Pros: Most of the times if you look hard enough, you will be able to find brand name clothing and shoes at super cheap prices!

TJ Maxx

Cons: None! Pros: They always have a huge selection of discounted items.


Cons: The material on most things will be very thin so Ross is best suited for Shoes and Accessories. Pros: Great prices!


Cons: Usually equal prices to retail price. Pros: You will find great quality items!


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