Social Media Etiquette


Now being in the information age and people from all parts of the world connecting through the internet I think it is appropriate to address social media etiquette some might not be aware of.

  • Comments. Should only be two things, short and sweet. Do not be a troll who just goes around and posts irrelevant comments that have nothing to do with the content posted or are long comments sharing an opinion no one asked for. If a comment is made it is because it came from your own will, and was meant to share a positive insight on someone else’s work. Lastly, if someone gives you a compliment it is only right that you like their comment and/or thank them, and return the compliment if you would like to do so. Social media is all about connecting with individuals, and if you fail to be engaging you will soon see your following begin to drop.
  • Reposts. If you are using any content that is not your own it is only polite to give credit where credit is due. You can use repost apps to give them credit for the picture or work and/or tag them in the picture.
  • DM’s. This is not a dropbox for unwanted pictures of your junk. If you think a boy or girl is attractive there is no reason for anyone to disrespect their space. Strangers don’t go around showing their junk to individuals, the internet shouldn’t be any different. Also, never send your number out unless it has been asked for.
  • Follow. People like to follow people they would like to be like or that are like them, so do not be offended if you follow someone who you have actively engaged with…yet they do not follow you “back”
  • When it is time to unfriend. In “real” life you wouldn’t hang out with people who are consistently complaining, or being nasty towards you…social media is no different. There is no reason why you need to consistently expose yourself to accounts that do nothing good for you. Evaluate the accounts you follow and how they benefit you. For example, I used to like to follow a girl on snapchat who was in my opinion super gorgeous. In the end, I decided to unfollow her account when she consistency began posting rants complaining about this and that…I will shamefully admit that at the beginning it was a bit entertaining but then I started to notice how I was a bit on edge after watching her videos. She wasn’t in any way inspiring me in a positive way, or educating me so I decided to cut all interaction. Birds of a feather flock together.
  • Like’s. Do not like and then unlike a post. It puts you in a very awkward position.
  • Oversharing. There is no reason why people need to be exposed to mundane tasks done. You should be engaging in your posts and interested in your activity. I feel as though many people want to stay consistent in their postings and just post for the heck of it. People can sense thought and time into everything you present, and as long as you portray passion people can sense that. More specifically, do not post a story on your snapchat timeline and also send them directly to certain people. If a snap is sent to someone specifically that is to let them know that you want that moment to be shared only between the two of you, when they see that same video on your timeline it makes them feel otherwise.

Please feel free to share any I might have missed. Comment your thoughts, or simply like this post if you enjoyed it. xoxo


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