Positive Gym Affirmations

For the most part I like to consider myself a positive person. However, from time to time negative thoughts creep in during one of my bomb gym sessions and if I don’t get a grip on them suddenly my workout is ruined. So I decided to write this post on how I turn those negative thoughts around, the first step is to obviously be conscious of them, then replace those thoughts with these positive affirmations. Hope they help you as much as they do for me, and if so please feel free to share, or comment your experience..enjoy!

*when you flat out don’t feel like going to the gym*

arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397No one ever said I wish I hadn’t workout out

*You start comparing yourself to someone else in the gym

arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397I am not in competition with anyone else but who I was yesterday

“I wish I had bigger/smaller *insert body part here*”

arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397“I am working towards improving *insert body part here* at this very moment and soon I will achieve my goal but until then I love and appreciate my body just the way it is”

*start to feel like other people are starring at you*

arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397FOCUS!” Tell yourself this as many times as you need.

Pay attention to your breathing and form, when you focus on your own workout you don’t have time to see others. Zone yourself out, and ultimately you’ll maximize your results.

“I’ve never done *insert lbs here*”

arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397“Today is an awesome day to challenge myself, I can do anything I set my mind to do”

Try out a few reps with new weight, listen to your body..and if you feel that you can do more by all means do so, however if you can’t do not get upset and pat yourself in the back for trying!

*your body is feeling sluggish*

arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397“My mind rules my body, and I am going to crush this workout through the tiredness and pain”

*when you feel like you can’t do one more set*

arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397“I am a lion, and I have the strength of 10 men…when my body says no I push HARDER!”

*you leave the gym and feel like you had a crappy workout*

arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397“I am a success for going to the gym regardless of how I feel I did” 

*someone says a rude comment*

arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397“I do NOT let others opinions of themselves affect me”

I know, this one might be a brain twist for some people, but hear me out. We are all walking mirrors, and your world will be forever changed once you realize that what other people say or how they act towards you has nothing to do with you but everything to do with them. If someone is being nasty towards you it is only because you stroke a cord about their own insecurities, so do NOT take it personal. You start winning when YOU rule your own emotions, and not let others rule them for you.

*fear overwhelms you when you go into a new gym/try a new exercise/or go into the weight area for the first time*

arrow-in-u-shape-to-turn_318-48397  “I’m on a path to becoming a better me so I must do things I’ve never done”

In conclusion, you must learn to master your thoughts. Soon you’ll realize that fitness is all mental, and your body won’t go where you mind won’t take it!







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