I just recently came across an old video where I was filmed going down the stairs and as the camera zoomed out I cringed at the sight of the shoes I was wearing. Their the type of shoes my grandmother would wear to avoid foot pain, and even then perhaps hers would be more stylish. Truth is the pair I was wearing were my oil slip resistant shoes I used during my waitressing shifts, boy were they comfortable! I could wear them all day and I wouldn’t feel a thing.



Perhaps in a work setting they were acceptable, but for me to wear them out in public… they were not. Funny enough, one day I accused my friend of throwing them away when I couldn’t find the matching pair since I was constantly being teased and mocked for wearing those “hideous” shoes. I didn’t care however, comfort was above all else. I never found the matching pair, and so I just let the idea of them go. Now that the pair has returned to me in thought, they brought a very important lesson…comfort is not always comfortable.

How to challenge comfort. 

Comfort is good to consider when you’re buying a bed, but too comfortable and suddenly you don’t want to get out of it. You might consider comfort when you’re buying a couch but too comfortable and suddenly you’ve turned into a couch potato. Comfort should be considered in doses, but as anything else you should start asking yourself (as I should have with those shoes) is this extreme comfort actually hurting me? I believe it is in our nature to avoid pain, but most of us either forget or fail to realize that pain can actually be a good thing. Its like going to the gym, you put in a good workout session and the next day your muscles are super sore, however you don’t mind because that tells you that your muscles are benefiting from all that hard work. Start asking yourself on a daily basis, what has challenged me today? If you don’t have at least one thought running through your mind, that should let you know immediately what area in your life has become too comfortable. We all have comfort zones, and it must be our goal to step outside of those zones on a daily basis. Always remember..change is inevitable, progress is not.


2 thoughts on “Comfort.

  1. Really got me 🤔…


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