OUE Skyspace LA

The all-new OUE Skyspace LA® is California’s tallest open-air observation deck and the premiere destination for panoramic, 360-degree views of Los Angeles.It is a must visit destination! I decided to take one of my good friends on her visit to LA, and it definitely did not disappoint. To avoid traffic, we took the metro and got off on the Pershing square stop, and it wasn’t a far walk after that. If going during the day I would advise to go on a clear sunny day, you will then be able to see for 30 miles! Not to mention you will get awesome selfie lighting. When we visited it was cloudy and gloomy but nonetheless the view was spectacular. Upon arrival, we went up to the ticket counter where the cashier helped us pick our package.We got the sky slide combo which includes a skyslide ride, access to all four levels of skyspace LA, and access to the two outdoor observation terraces.  The website leads you to believe that you have to purchase a certain time slot and that would be your only chance to visit but that is not the case, you can buy the tickets in person. After purchasing our tickets we went through security and then took several elevators until reaching the viewing deck. On the way there however, is a ton of cool wall art and trippy views that are super cool to look at and take pictures of. When you reach the viewing deck theres a souvenir stand, snack bar, and 360 viewing options. If you dare, take the fun one story slide and be sure to follow all of the directions given by the attendants. They take pictures during your slide so be sure to check those out afterwards. After your visit, right across the street there are bike rentals you can ride and explore all of what DTLA has to offer!


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